Storm of the Sea

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Have you ever been caught in a storm while at sea? It is actually a whole philosophy, what should a person do when faced with breathless sea waves, created by the action of strong winds.Mary and her father, Ezekiel, keep an old lighthouse on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic. It can be said about them that they know the sea climate and know how to manage in all kinds of situations, but this situation also made them act seriously and focused, to avoid further bigger troubles.One day, the clouds darken and rumble with the sound of thunder. The sea rises in a fury never seen before, crashing waves into the land as lightning strikes from the sky. Maria and Ezekiel guide the ships to shore, but must help them collect the supplies that wash ashore from the ships, or the island will run out of food.Let\'s see what happens on the seashore and help our characters to cope with this undesirable situation. They are true connoisseurs of the sea, but they also welcome our help today.



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