Summer Journey

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Nancy has a grandmother that lives in the village. The grandma is rather old, and she lives alone. From time to time, grandma needs some help with buying basic products and taking care of her everyday responsibilities. Nancy visits her grandmother very often, and she helps her a lot. They are very happy about that, it\'s a nice chance to spend some time together, even though they don\'t live that close. This weekend, Nancy invites her best friends, Donna and Karen, to come and spend the weekend with her, and her grandmother in the village. The village where grandma lives is very beautiful. They will surely enjoy their stay there because of the fresh air, the idyllic atmosphere, and the interesting talks with the grandmother. Let\'s visit the village with Nancy and her friends and meet her loving grandmother. It will be very nice to meet her and give her some help to finish her everyday responsibilities. We are sure this fine lady will be very happy and very thankful for it.



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