Sunny Garden

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Are you a flower lover? Well, there probably isn\'t anyone who doesn\'t like them, it\'s just a question of who has the time to devote to them. Young John is a farmer who loves working on his farm. However, besides working on the farm, he also adores flowers. In fact, his work is similar to tending flowers in many aspects, so if he needs to work, he does it with great ease. John comes to the house of his elderly neighbor Helen who is also a big lover of flowers. He comes to her to help her with her flower garden. John accepted this challenge with great pleasure because he is also a big lover of flowers, and his experience of working on the farm will contribute to doing everything without any problem. Let\'s take a peek at what\'s hiding in Helen\'s flower garden and help her and John in tidying it up. We are sure that we will learn something more about horticulture and enjoy the beauty of flowers and nature in general. Let\'s see what it\'s all about.



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