The Bookworms Wishlist

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According to some statistics, people don\'t read as much as before. Some people even believe that books are just a waste of time in this fast way of living when we always need a moment more to achieve our everyday responsibilities. And reading is not on the list of things that need to be done every day in contemporary life... Or at least that\'s what it seems, but the truth might be different for another group of people. Yes, there are still many people who read and who are opposite to the first ones. They believe that we can\'t be successful without being wise, and a huge part of wisdom comes from books, there can\'t be a demand for that.Emily, Jack, and Nick are avid readers with a shared passion for discovering remarkable books. Today, they stumbled upon a small bookstore that promises to fulfill their ultimate reading desires. It\'s up to them to find all the books from their Wishlist.The bookstore seems small, but there are so many books there. Let\'s help our friends find the books they need.



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