The Last Dragons

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The dragons themselves are a mystery. There are countless stories about them, but they do not exist today. We do not know for sure if they were a myth or if some of their forms existed many years in the past, and today they have been modified into some other animal. Olivia, on the other hand, is the only one who knows the big secret about the last dragons, information that none of us have. Her father was a famous wizard, and now the dragons live deep in the forest on his estate, although we can\'t know for sure what that might mean. Olivia is determined to save the last dragons and will do anything to keep them safe.Let\'s join in this interesting adventure and help Olivia in her mission. This task will be difficult, but Olivia will not be able to do anything without us, so let\'s do everything we can to help her. And this is a great opportunity to learn something about dragons and to learn the great secrets of the last dragons.



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