Twilight Castle

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Welcome to this vampire story. We hope you feel brave enough to become part of an unusual adventure that Amy and the ghost Larry will guide you through. They arrive at the scary castle that is located at the ghost mountain. Yes, there is such a place, although you probably haven\'t heard of it before. Larry used to be a resident of this castle, but he left it when evil spirits decided to move in. No, not all ghosts are bad, so it\'s no wonder that Larry didn\'t want to share the same roof with the bad spirits, especially since they came here uninvited. However, Larry is not ready to give up his castle completely. Now, he is determined to enter the castle once more and find his valuables that were left in the castle when he left it. However, he wouldn\'t be able to do the whole thing by himself, he needs Amy who is brave and not afraid of ghosts at all.Let\'s visit the castle with our brave friends and help them find the precious objects.



Hidden Objects