University Mystery

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Material objects have a measurable value - if not completely, then at least relatively - we can all agree on that. But also, we all know that there are things important for the development of humanity that are not material. Here, we count the achievements in science, art, sports, and so on. Sometimes, people from these branches would not get a penny, but they achieved something that changed human history and influenced human evolution, in the broadest sense.There is a lost paper by the famous physicist William Rice considered to be of immense importance. Professor Simon, aware of the significance of this paper, along with his students, Ava and Robert, are determined to solve the mystery surrounding this paper. They sincerely hope that eventually, this work will be found and can be studied further by today\'s students.Let\'s get involved in this important search and do everything to find the lost scientific paper that will benefit students and professionals in this field.



Hidden Objects