Valley of Ice

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People often think that they can control everything, but when it comes to weather, very often we are helpless. Weather can surprise us in every situation...Roy and his two daughters Natalie and Grace planned to spend the weekend in one small city in the valley. Actually, that is the place where their relative lives, so they planned to spend some time together. The valley is a beautiful place to be, and nature is simply wonderful, but something unexpected happened that changed their plans for the weekend. They went on their journey, but they weren\'t informed that the valley has been swept by an ice storm. Now the whole valley has been evacuated until the weather changes and the storm passes. Maybe if they were living in the valley, they would be more prepared for the situation but Roy, Natalie, and Grace and completely confused and they don\'t know what to do in the situation. They need to find a way in those hard circumstances, a way to handle the ice storm and get to their final point.



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