Vanishing Passenger

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People disappearing, it\'s nothing new, unfortunately. But when someone disappears from a place that is closed on all sides, literally, then it gets a little weird. Airplanes are completely enclosed when flying. We can\'t imagine a flight going any other way, considering the enormous altitude at which it flies and the speed of the plane\'s movement. That\'s why everyone was shocked when one of the passengers on Flight 251 mysteriously disappeared. From the entire plane, no one noticed what the missing passenger was doing or where he was going, except Lisa, our main character for today. She is the only witness who last saw the passenger and knows where he has headed. Lisa, together with police officer Donna, will try to find the missing passenger. Lisa will share everything she knows about the traveler, and Donna will use all her knowledge and the gift of connecting things, the gift of following traces and evidence and relating them in cause-and-effect relationships. We believe that it will be easy to find the mysteriously missing passenger.



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