Vineyard Chronicles

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Brian and his daughter, Amy, have an excellent and very attractive business. They are owners of their own winery and harvest grapes nearby their vinery, for making their beautiful wine. Since they cultivate grapes and produce wine on their own, they want to create a brand that will be recognizable, always putting quality first. It all starts with the grapes. Their field has beautiful grapes that are grown according to all standards. Moreover, the production of the wine itself is made with the latest technology, and they are particularly careful about the taste of the wine, trying to make it refined. Brian and Amy are expanding their business every year, introducing new ideas both in the production and marketing of their grapes and wine. Because of this, this year they have a huge need for help. To manage to prepare everything necessary, they call their relatives and friends to help them with the preparation of their wine. Come and visit their winery and learn more about the wine production process.



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