Wilderness Getaway

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Maria, Jack, and Catherine are three friends who love camping in tents under the open sky. If you are still in doubt about whether it is dangerous or not, the three friends will tell you there is nothing to worry about, considering that they do it very often and are prepared to function under any circumstances. The weather, the wind, the insects, or the animals can\'t do anything to them because of their equipment, in their bags, they have an answer for everything.And this weekend, Maria, Jack, and Catherine decided to sleep under the open sky. This time they decided to spend the night in one of the national parks in the country where it is allowed. They are very well acquainted with how outdoor activities work, but they still need our help because they are here for the first time and want to find the ideal camping spot.Come together to see what awaits our friends on their camping trip in nature. Will they be able to predict everything that can be predicted this time, or will they face something new and unexpected?



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