Wildwood Manor

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Meet Amari and Elysia, two extraordinary girls. Among other things, something that makes them unique is that they are daughters of the famous vizard Garbao. That means that they don\'t spend their days like most of us. Their lives are full of magic and other unusual happenings. Today, Amari and Elysia stand in front of a new task. Their father gave them this task, and again, it is about something exceptional. The two girls have a mission to get to the place known as Wildwood Manor. There, they will have to find the objects that their father needs. He will use those objects for making his magical amulets and magic drinks. To search easily, Amari and Elysia have invited their friends to join them. Their friends will help them find those objects, but also we are here to help. Now, it is the right time to start the search through the Wildwood Manor, so let\'s see how this place looks. Mind that we are in Wildwood Manor for the first time, and the task might be difficult for us, but let\'s do our best!



Hidden Objects