Witness Vendetta

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Have you ever witnessed an injustice, or even a crime, and felt at the same time that you had to react and take action, even if you were not directly involved in the incident? Or maybe this feeling came to you later, after the incident was over, but now the work is on clarifying it. In both cases, it\'s good to want to end something like that and take the initiative to get justice, even though that may not be part of your job.Two professionals and one witness are investigating our case. Each of them is strongly motivated to investigate the case to the end and find the answers they are looking for. Detective Samantha Rogers is investigating the mysterious and horrific murder scene in her quiet little town. She is joined by Mark Peterovski, a news reporter with a thirst for justice, and Mandy Olivera Santos - the sole witness to the heinous crime. Together, they hope to uncover this gut-wrenching mystery and bring the vicious culprits to justice.Let\'s help our team get to the truth!



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