Antiques and Collectibles

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Lisa and her brother Paul share a common passion. Their passion is definitely not something that many people have as a passion, but it is something very interesting indeed. Namely, the two of them visit different Garage sales very often. And maybe many of us do that as well, but in their case, it is certainly something more than a way to buy the things we need at lower prices. Lisa and Paul are prepared to travel to any part of the country, to visit as many places they can, looking for valuable objects. They have realized that people, when they need money, when they don\'t have space in their homes, or simply when they feel bored with something, like to sell that item as soon as possible, often forgetting about the true value of that object. That\'s why the brother and the sister are always alert about the current garage sales all around the country, waiting for their time to come.This time, Lisa and Paul found out that there is one very interesting garage sale that promises a lot. They take the road right away, hoping that they will find old useful objects and valuable collections.



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