Forgotten Treasure

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Aaron comes to the house where he lived when he was a child. He is here to bring back his childhood memories, but also he is looking for something specific. Do you remember those cards that almost everyone collects as a child? Well, Aaron remembers that he also had such a collection of cards, and it was a huge collection. Aaron found out that today this collection worths so much money, so he likes to find the collection. There are some people, passionate collectors, who are crazy about old picture collections and are willing to pay a lot of money to get them, especially if it is a really rare collection. Aaron knows that his collection is very old and he believes that there are not many people who have managed to keep a collection like this for so many years.There are many old things in the house and Aron won\'t find his collection that easily, but he will rely on his memories and he will search around in detail. Since his job won\'t be that easy, let\'s help him and search the whole house.



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