Shopping With Style

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here are girls that don't take too much care about their look, always going for certain more practical variants and something casual. On the other hand, there are girls that believe that their look means everything to them and they are prepared to spend a little fortune just to be fashionable and to follow the trend. From one side are the clothes that should always be trendy, than the shoes, after that the hairstyle, the makeup….well it asks for a real dedication in order to be achieved!

Frances is a girl that likes to look nice but she is not obsessed with her look. These days she has realized that she has to renew her wardrobe because she doesn't have much nice clothes but on the other hand, she has overlooked to take care of her hair too. That's why she decides to dedicate this day to herself and do something that will make her feel and look nice.

Somehow the best presents are the ones that we give to ourselves because we know best what we want and what we need at that moment. Frances' gift to herself will include new wardrobe, a new hairstyle and modern makeup, actually a complete makeover. She has decided that this time she will choose only the best for herself so she goes to the rich part of the city, the location of the expensive boutiques and the best hairdresser and makeup artist. Her big shopping is ready to start.



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