In Place Of Fear

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Nancy, together with her friend, the leprechaun Mark, decided to go on a scary and dangerous mission. Their aim was a bigger motivation than the brakes that can come from fear, so they took the challenge in order to see what is expecting them. There is one place in their surroundings, known as the House of fear. This seems to be a very scary place because the fear that comes out of this house is not unfounded. Nancy and the leprechaun Mark know that this house some paranormal things are happening in this house, but this is not stopping them to finish their mission. They like to search the whole House of fear with an intention to find all the valuable objects there. There are various objects but also there are some rare gold coins hidden there. The two friends arrive at the Place of fear and they won\'t waste any time, they like to start their search right away. And since this house is really scary, it will be nice if someone keeps their backs safe, so let\'s help them finish their mission as fast as they can.



Hidden Objects