Land of Eternity

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Eternity, what an intriguing subject. There are stories about people who were looking for eternity their whole lives but also there are stories about supernatural beings and forces that are eternal. The truth is that there is not much we can do to have eternal life, but when it comes to the world of magic, we have to admit that there are some different rules in that world. The wizard Alexander and his daughter Debra, together with their friends, have arrived in the Land of eternity. They are here with the only aim - to find the magical objects that will give them eternal life. Well, this doesn\'t sound strange when we are talking about magic, but on the other hand, it doesn\'t mean that their mission will be easy. They will have to look around for those objects and we are not sure what will exactly happen after that. Let\'s see what is hiding in this magical Land of eternity. Maybe the wizards and their friends know more about it, but for us, this will be one unique journey.



Hidden Objects