Mysterious Death

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Something terrible happened to mister Thomas. He was murdered by someone and the police are still collecting some pieces of evidence and looking for the murderer.Detective Richard has been called on the property of the late mister Thomas, to find out the exact reason for his death. Miss Emily, the wife of late mister Thomas, greeted the detective, willing to tell him everything she knows. The two of them are trying together to look at all the circumstances; at everything that can lead to the solution of the case. They try to observe all the evidence, to think about some persons who might want to harm Thomas - everything that seems suspicious in the whole situation. Their only wish is to find the murderer of mister Thomas, but it seems that will be harder than they think. But detective Richard is a real professional, with an excellent career, so probably he will solve the case very soon.On the other hand, we might be of use for this case. Let\'s try to help Emily and detective Richard in collecting the evidence. Maybe we will help to shed light on the mysterious death.



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