Orient Mission

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You thought that your job is stressful and full of excitement? But what about our today\'s character? Grace is a secret agent. You may imagine how exciting her job is. Every day is a new challenge for her and she loves it so much. This time Grace will work undercover, introducing herself as a journalist from the National Geographic magazine. She has come in the close east to make a reportage, but the truth is that she is here for another reason. She is here to find the secret recordings that belong to one of the leaders of the rebels. Those recordings hide many things about the actions of the rebels including their actions about smuggling weapons. That is very serious thing, they can be easily accused id Grace finds those records, so let\'s help her catch them. Let\'s work with our Grace and feel how is it to work like a real professional. This is one very interesting aspect of Grace\' profession, so let\'s see how does it function. You will learn the secrets of working undercover and helping Grace at the same time.



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