Precious Pursuit

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Visiting our relatives who live somewhere far away, and whom we do not have the opportunity to visit often, is always very interesting. First of all, our next visit is a good opportunity to get to know them better, or we can say, to get to know them again. Furthermore, just as we travel somewhere, we get to know a new place where the habits for life are different. Every trip like this is welcomed by everyone and usually presents a new wonderful adventure. Amanda and Kevin are also on a trip to a place that is not that close to where they live. Namely, Amanda and Kevin are coming to visit their aunt Angela, who lives in Morocco. You are here to see your aunt, but she has a problem at the moment and needs help. Namely, Angela lost several valuable items in her home, so she will use Amanda and Kevin\'s visit to help her find her valuable items. Let\'s go around Aunt Angela\'s house together and try to find the lost items, together with her favorite grandchildren.



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