Rainy Railway

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A quiet rainy night, but this night hides many mysteries and unfortunately, an accident. Namely, the writer of crime novels, Jacob Henderson, is murdered. It seems that the man who described so many crime stories in his works was a victim of something similar, and perhaps even predicted his fate.Currently, work is being done to shed light on this case, and Detective Kevin and his partner Alice are assigned to the case. They arrive at the train station on this rainy night. They hope that they will be able to find enough important evidence that is connected to the murder of the crime writer and that they will be able to solve this case.The rain might wash some things away, but probably not anything quite as big as murder. Detective Kevin and partner Alice are at the scene of the crime together with their team, but let\'s also become part of this team and help solve the case. Let\'s see what the collected evidence can reveal, will the truth finally come to light?



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