Secret Park

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There is a really beautiful park located few meters away from the place where young Mark lives. This park is one of the places that even though are very beautiful, somehow didn\'t manage to become very popular. Maybe because it is not in the center of the city, maybe because there are other more celebrated places so people have forgotten about this one... But on the other hand, the fact that only few people know about the place makes it even more special for the ones that know sbout it. They can enjoy its peace, enjoy the wonderful nature that is not harmed by the passengers. Young Mark loves to play in this park and because only few people knows about the park, he calls it the secret park. This morning, while Mark was playing in the secret park, he has lost some of his personal belongings. Now he likes to find those objects and even though he knows the park very well, the place is rather big so he would need some help for his search. Let\'s see the secret park together and try to help Mark find his lost objects.



Hidden Objects