Secret Revenge

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The Wild West is known for the gangs that operate on the prairies. Maybe the sheriff is in charge, but these gangs are surely fighting for their place, robbing everywhere and trying to establish their order. And to become a gang member, you need to have merit. You can\'t just get in; future gang members have to do their work for it. The three cowboys, Donald, Donna, and Amanda, are part of a gang that robs cities in the Wild West. However, no one from the gang doesn\'t know that they are hiding a big secret that could lead them outside the ranks of the gang. Namely, Donald is the brother of Donna and Amanda, and they join the gang with a plan. They are there to bring back their wealth. Outraged by what happened to them, they could not find another way to get justice, so they may have chosen the hardest, but they hope that all this will pay off. Their ultimate goal is to recover their wealth and gather evidence to arrest these robbers.Let\'s help our cowboys achieve their goal.



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