Sunset Serenity

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Adventures always involve a certain amount of danger, right? Every moment in which you visit something new, so far unexplored, brings a dose of uncertainty, but also the risk that something could go wrong. But for many, precisely in that uncertainty lies the beauty of adventures, and that is exactly why they decide to indulge in them, regardless of everything. Our Amy is also an adventurer, but this time she is looking for peace, a location where she will have the opportunity to be alone and relax, thinking about various things in life. And it was this search that brought her to a forbidden tropical island. She wants to indulge in the beauty of the island, and enjoy exploring it. However, to safely settle in, Amy needs to find certain items that will help her do so. She needs to find certain objects that will help her follow the setting sun safely. Let\'s visit this mysterious island with Amy and find out what\'s going on there and help her with her endeavors.



Hidden Objects