Winter Workout

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For people who care about their health, vacations are not a period in which they \"take a break\" from a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, they continue to maintain their regime. That is why resorts and vacation centers are increasingly including fitness centers and instructors so people can smoothly carry out their fitness and wellness activities. Stefan is a fitness instructor at a famous ski resort. He is one of the most famous instructors in the country, known for his exceptional quality and dedication. Elsa is his new assistant who will help him in his activities, so Stefan has the task of guiding her well in her daily duties. Let\'s see how things work for fitness trainers, what their working day looks like, how they start it, what they do. Their daily habits will certainly arouse our interest and desire to eat and live even more healthily because that\'s the only way we\'ll be able to deal with daily challenges and obligations successfully.



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