Ghost House Treasure

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Sara and Austin are in the famous house of fear. This house is named a scary house because there are rumors that in this house live ghosts. But this is not the only issue related to this house. It is also believed that in this house, besides the ghosts, there is a hidden treasure. This treasure was talked about numerous times, it is something like a real urban myth for years, but no one didn\'t dare to come here and search for it. That\'s why our friends are the ones that have the needed courage and motivation to make such a brave step. Maybe it is not that scary just to pass through the house, but to stay there and look for something, may last very long, especially having in mind that if there is a hidden treasure, that treasure will be hidden very well. Even though our heroes Sara and Austin are brave enough to take the challenge and do something like this, they will use some help in this situation. No one knows what to expect when visiting a ghost house, so let\'s help them in their mission.



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