Mystery Studio

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Sharon is a young musician who, with her exceptional talent and work, managed to stand out from the musicians present on the stage in a very short time. After making several songs noticed by the audience, she concluded that it was time to record her first album. These days she is constantly in the studio, recording new songs, listening to them, refining them. It\'s all a process that follows the creation of an album, but in her case, it seems that some external factors are involved. Namely, recently, in the studio where Sharon records her album, many mysterious things are happening. Some of the equipment is missing, but something is happening with her songs too. The next day they don\'t sound the same as the day before, not as she recorded them before. Like someone is coming to the studio and wants to hurt Sharon.Larry is a friend of Sharon\'s, a guitarist, and he comes to the studio to help her solve this mystery. Let us also see what is happening there and help to solve this problem faster.



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